May 2019 Newsletter.


     -  Meeting called to order at 10:08 am.  Glad to see more members this month.  Very happy to meet our guests Patricia and Al Grey, and nice to see Steve K. guest Ann again.


    -  A motion was made by Lou V. and seconded by Woody to accept last month’s minutes.  The vote was unanimous.


     -  o Corn House Creek (CHC) / Alabama Gold Camp (AGC) Trip was thoroughly enjoyed and considered a true prospecting trip for this newer GPAA claim.  We found Corn House Creek was located 7 miles from Alabama Gold Camp and totally primitive.  There is another way to get to CHC that is more user friendly.  The alternate route is all paved highway but is 5-6 miles longer from Alabama Gold Camp.  Both routes were totally accessible with a 2WD vehicle.  At the GPAA claim you can high bank and dredge.  What we saw and found at CHC looked quite promising.

     -  o T-Shirt Sale Update – There must be an order of at 12 or more t-shirts to place an order.  Several members are interested, and Steve is looking into this matter.

     -  o Chapter Points – We finally received our Chapter points refund for the unshipped GPAA items we ordered at Christmas.  This issue is now resolved.


     -  o June 8th is the next meeting at Warren Park at 10 am. All members and guests are welcome. This is our enjoyable potluck meeting, please bring a dish to pass, look forward to seeing you all there.

     -  o Lucky Strike Outing – Food will be supplied, cost shared equally by all the attendees eating with the group.  Meals are always great and enjoyed by all.  This outing is scheduled for June 13th – 15th.  Just as a reminder, it was brought to a vote that if 10 or more members attend, that the club will kick in $100 towards the food bill.  This motion was made by Bob and seconded by Janice.  Please try to attend.

     -  o JPoint System – We now have 47,600 GPAA points.  When you join the GPAA, you have the option to have our chapter receive the points.  Chapter points are earned by attending meetings as well as outings.  1 point per club event.  This is now audited, and your added annual points will be tallied for the Christmas party drawings.  To be eligible one must be a current and active member.

     -  o The Loud Mine outing in July is still pending. If interested, we need more people to sign up to attend.  The dates for this event are July 19th – 21st.

     -  o Remember our members and their families in your prayers. It is nice to have support in troubled times.

     -  o A motion was brought up by Doug S to have another outing at CHC / AGC this year.  Members were in agreement and the date was originally set for Sept 19-21.  Members voted by email to change the dates to Sept 5-7 due to a conflict with North Alabama GPAA already having their outing on the previous dates.

50/50 drawing won by Steve K.
Gold Raffle won by Steve K.

Meeting adjourned at 11:01am motioned by Steve M.