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Metal Detecting

at an Unknown Location in FL.

Date:     Jan. 21.
Time:     9:00 am

Place:   Undecided, But will be in Florida

Pack for a day at the beach.  Foot, and Sun Protection is advised, especially since the Lowest tide is at the worst part of the day for getting sun burnt.  Chairs, Blankets, Coolers, Food, Drinks, Umbrellas, Boogy Boards etc... :)  The waters are warm on the west coast, so it looks like a super day for swimming also.

Oh!  Don't forget your metal detecting gear...  Detector,  Scoop,  Pin pointer,  Goodie bag,  Trash bag, etc.  Maybe a second Detector if you have extras.  There are times members bring guest(s) and it would be nice to let them give the hobby a try.  Maybe another member would like to try out a different detector.

Directions: Check Back after the 14th.