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Metal Detecting

on the Famous Daytona Beach, here in FL.

Date:     Feb. 20.
Time:     9:00 am

Place:   Sunsplash Park, Daytona Beach, Fl

Pack for a day at the beach.  Foot, and Sun Protection is advised, especially since the Lowest tide is at the worst part of the day for getting sun burnt.  Chairs, Blankets, Coolers, Food, Drinks, Umbrellas, Boogy Boards etc... :)  The waters up to 74.8+ already, so it looks like a super day for swimming also.

Directions: From the Northeast, take I95 South to International Drive (92) East. From the Southeast, Take I95 North to International Drive (92) East. From the West, take I4 East to I95 North, and the next exit will be International Drive (92) East. Remain on Internatonal Drive until US A1A, then make a right heading south. SunSplash Park will be on the left side about 5 Blocks, 500 yards from International Drive.