Mark - Rising Waters at GPAA Loud Mine, GA., Sept. '09.

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Gene and Val - GPAA Outing 2011
Bob - GPAA Outing 2007.

September 22, 2009. - Mark Turner has been up at Loud Mine for the last month or so.

To quote Mark "After a week of rain it finally came down in buckets especially up stream.  The creek rose about 8 feet in a couple of hours.  A lot of scrambling to get machinery to higher ground.  The picture of Harry, another summer resident, in the Kayak was in a pond normally six feet lower.  His trailer was the only hold out and the water level came within an inch of the bottom.  Picture of the creek has an outline of where the panning pile was (now washed away).  Another was from the porch at the clubhouse as the water was rising (got another foot up)".

    Harry out in his Kayak.

    A view from the front Porch.

    Moving Waters where the panning pie was.