Bob - GPAA Outing at Vein Mtn, NC '10.

Spring "Gold Fever" hit, and I had to head up to North Carolina and attend the GPAA/LDMA Vein Mtn. Outing held on May 12th - 16th.  It's been 2.5 years since my last GPAA event, and overall this was even better then the first.

Fellow Club Members Bob and Camile also attended and it was nice to see some old friends whom I met at the last outing.  I also made some new friends whom I hope to see at our meetings, and future outings.

You have arrived.
    Vein Mtn's welcome sign.
Not so muddy after all.
    Muddy creek.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho... It off to work we go...
    The common highbankers at work.
Next time I need to try one of these.
    a Mini Trommel also used for the common.

Best way to prospect.
    Bob and Camile Dredging.

    Wild Strawberrys...   One of the many spring pleasures.

Nice local band, played for a couple of hours.
    Friday night's entertainment.
You just cannot believe the prices.
    Sunday morning's Auction.

Going once, Going Twice, Sold...
    Caretaker John with an Item.

Always looks nice.
    The Gold for the main nugget Draw.

Excellent GPAA crew
    Staffer's ready for the Draw.
Fellow member Ed sporting a new hat.
    Nice Hat Ed.

Pick #1... Pick #1... Pick #1...
    Camile digging for that good number.
Thats not it...
    Looks like Bob didn't get #1.

These will do just fine.
    Bob and Camile's nice grouping of pickers.

Along with a nice group of pickers each draw had, there was the bag of concentrates from the common operation.  Everyone during their free time who wanted to, was able to work the same common material for a bit of extra gold.

Working during my free time.
    Working a bucket of dirt.

Another reason for attending, is meeting other miners, swapping stories, and seeing first hand some of the gold thats been discovered recently.  Below are a couple of examples.

    A stunning example of quartz inlaid with gold from a hard rock mine that was checked out with a metal detector for hot spots.  This was the smallest of the specimens they extracted, and the only one brought to the outing.
The stuff prospectors dream about.
    A nugget everyone dreams of one day finding.  1 ounce shy of 2 troy pounds, which is loosing weight at every show the owner attends, as everyone gets to hold it and rub it a bit for good luck.