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Weekenders, May. '13 - Georgia Gold Prospecting.

  Nothing like camping out for a weekend of fun.

Memorial Day Weekend, 2013 - Cleveland, GA.

Brrrrr.  To say the least.  While no one bothered to take the tempeture of the Tesnetee River, it's no doubt that this was the coldest its been in a long time for a Memorial Day.  Waking up to spring time air temps hovering near 45 degrees each day most likely kept the water in the low 50's.

Here are few photos from the outing, followed by a bit of gold the club found.   Thanks to Bob, Dana, Eddie and Gary for the photos.

    Terry unloading gear.
    Dana on the first day."

Tesnatee River.
    The Tesnatee River.
Terry and Chris.
    Terry and Chris setting up.

John and Lucy.
    John and Lucy setting up a sluice.
    Dana working his 2.5 inch.

Angus Mackirk sluice.
    Doug's Angus Mackirk at work.
John and Lucy.
    John and Lucy slucing.

Working a nozzle.
  Steve starting a hole on the Tesnatee River.

    Chris tending his dredge.
    Doug long arming a bit.

    Gary's new 2.5 Inch Dredge.
Tom tending.
    Tom tending.

Bob and Doug.
    Bob and Doug moving a dredge upstream.
Bob and Doug.
    Bob and Doug at the Angus Mackirk.

Dana, Chris and John.
    Dana, Chris and John checking a map.
Kathi, Lucy and Eddie.
    Kathi, Lucy and Eddie at the Saturday night dinner.

Saturday Night Dinner.
    Everyone enjoying the dinner.
     Eddie at LDMA.

Connie and Mike
    Connie and Mike.
    Jim Panning.
Tom and Gary.
    Tom Panning as Gary looks on.

Georgia Gold.
    A bit of Georgia Gold :)