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Metal Detecting, June '18, Manatee Public Beach, Holmes Beach, FL.

Saturday - June, 2018.

The Chapter held it's metal detecting outing this year at Manatee Public Beach over in Holmes Beach.   This was the first time for the Chapter on Florida's West Coast.   The hot sun of a June Saturday filled the beach fast and several times members went out detecting various areas. There was a mixup on the time of the larger of the low tides of the day. First thought to be near 9:00am, it ended up beng more like 5:00pm.

That didn't stop us though as members went out twice in the morning an once again at the Low tide mark. If there was any drawback it was the endless Sunshine during the hottest part of the day. Gallons of drinks disapeared along with lunch as the time passed until lowest tide.

Here are a few photographs from the day's activities and some of the finds.