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44 lb Nugget on display at the
     Iron Stone Winery, CA

  Photo - Rea-Lynn and Tom

What's New !

Dec., 2019 - 2020 Event Calendar.  Check it out.

Nov., 2018 - East coast of Florida Metal Detecting.

Oct., 2018 - Highbanking at Lucky Stike, North Carolina.

June, 2018 - West coast of Florida Metal Detecting.

March, 2018... Does the Peace River always provide Fossils?, Mar. 2018.

April, 2017 - Lucky Strike Gold!

Directions Page to Warren Park... Plus all the directions pages will now show the current weather conditions at each location.

So you think you know Gold...  Check out the Gold Facts Page.  I bet there is something there that will surprise you.

Remember to check out the Trading Post.  You never know when a great deal might show up.